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Dozens of Personal Finance Bloggers Report on Their 2011 Goals & Resolutions

Resolutions are always popular at the beginning of a New Year. Though in my mind there’s no reason not to do them anytime; anyone for a 4th of July resolution? Since I wasn’t blogging here at the beginning of 2011 I don’t have a set of New Year resolutions or goals to look back on and see how I did. All I can say is that I did meet 2 HUGE goals in 2011 and I’m very proud of that.

Goal #1: I quit my 9-5 job on May 23rd.
Goal #2: We moved to Thailand on June 7th

Unfortunately after meeting these two goals I became a bit unfocused for the remainder of the year. In my defense these were long term goals (5 years) and moving to a new country can be a bit disorienting. Added to that was my becoming a stay at home dad for our (now) 19 month old daughter and it’s no wonder I lost track for a bit. I promise myself (and you dear readers) that 2012 will be much more goal oriented and productive, but more on that in a couple days.

Right now, in lieu of my own reflections and reckoning of my progress towards meeting goals and resolutions from 2011, I bring you the reviews and reflections of dozens of other personal finance bloggers. As I said, making resolutions and setting goals is popular at this time of year and it’s almost as popular to look back at the previous years resolutions to see where we’ve made progress and where we need to be more conscientious.

Looking back at 2011 Goals

2011 Top Posts Roundups

If I’ve missed any personal finance blogs who have posted a review of their progress towards 2011’s goals or a roundup of their top posts from 2011 please leave me a note in the comments. Thanks and congratulations to all on a great 2011!

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