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Freelance Writing, Fatherhood, and the Weather

Hi everyone! Maybe you’ve wondered what the old Money Infant has been up to (or maybe you don’t care – or maybe you’ve even been glad to be rid of my ramblings). In any case, I’m going to tell you, so relax and have a read, or quick click on the back button and get the hell out of here 🙂

If you’ll remember, the last non-sponsored post I made was way back in August and it was entitled Money Infant Writes for You. There’s no need to go read it now (unless you are looking for a writer), I think you get the gist from the title.

Basically, that’s what I’ve been up to for the past 2+ months, at least from a web perspective. Finding clients, writing, and helping my cash flow issues. I can honestly say that it’s been good too, even while trying to juggle the care of my 2 year old (ok, 29 months) daughter and housework. Mad props to all the stay at home moms out there. If you aren’t getting any respect, you have certainly gained mine!

I won’t go into details here yet, but basically I have increased my freelance writing income from some $700-ish in August to over $2000 in October. Less than 3 months of being a “professional” writer and I’ve gotten to a decent salary range. To be honest, I probably could have done better, but I’ve been so busy with my daughter and I didn’t want to take any more time away from her than necessary. That income level is with 20-25 hours of work each week, which includes research, writing, marketing, and accounting.

Well, things are changing here at the Money Infant house, and on Monday my daughter started school. It is just ½ days this week, but already I can see an improvement in my productivity. Next week she will go full time and I will have from 7:30am until 1:30pm all to my lonesome (eat your heart out Joe). This means I can continue my income generating writing, and also do some long term passive income type writing.

It may be too soon to tell, but it really does seem to be a positive move with her going to school, and I don’t mean for me. She seems to be quite happy and I know that having the social interaction with kids her own age is a good thing. It’s something she really didn’t get when I was taking care of her, other than a couple hours each week at the playground. I don’t even consider that to be ideal either, since it doesn’t allow her to form any bonds with the other kids. Plus, she is learning more of the Thai language, which is crucial if we end up staying in Thailand long term (which is looking less likely).

In addition to the personal changes here, the external factors are also improving. Thailand is not like Pennsylvania in that we don’t have 4 seasons. Instead, we have 3 seasons; really freaking hot and dry, hot and wet, and not quite as hot and dry. We are just entering the not quite as hot and dry season, which is by far the best for those of us who grew up in temperate climates. Practically it means there is basically no rain, blue skies, and daytime temps in the low to mid 90s. Needless to say, we go swimming most every day.

Overall, I have to say that life is looking pretty good. We are still a bit cash strapped, but certainly not suffering. My daughter is growing like a weed and soaking up information like a sponge. My business is going well and looks like it will improve over the coming months. The weather is idyllic (if you like hot), and some of the world’s best beaches are just 1-2 hours away.

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