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How to Enjoy and Spend Responsibly

How to Enjoy and Spend Responsibly

Practicing responsible spending habits doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy some of your hard-earned money. It’s all a matter of either balancing your budget or tipping the scales towards a good return of investment. Before moving on, be sure to read MoneyInfant’s guide to curb overspending. Whenever you spend on something, make sure you pair it with something you earn. This way, you can still enjoy certain things in life.

Here are a few tips that can help you achieve this.

1. Travel to places where you have connections – It may sound horrible at first to use people this way. But if you’re dreaming to go to a certain country and you have a close friend or relative there who lives in a roomy home, it doesn’t hurt to ask. This can also be an opportunity for you to catch up with them. Hotel or Airbnb bills can take up a large portion of travel expenses, so bunking with a friend can save you lots. To get earnings from your travels, consider sending some travel write-ups to certain publications. For reference, The Freelancer’s Year has compiled a list of publications that pay freelance writers well.

2. Enjoy fine dining on certain times – It’s okay to indulge in gourmet food every once in a while. If you want to go fine dining on a budget, a smarter living guide on The New York Times advises to go during lunch time or on weekdays. Restaurants usually serve cheaper fares during these times. For opportunities to “earn”, try using a cash-back card or browse for cash-back apps for restaurants. A 1% back on a meal may not seem much at first, but consider how purchases can stack up.

3. Focus on accessories or multi-functional clothing – Who says you’re not allowed to enjoy new clothing? If you’re in the mood for new clothes, look for clothing pieces that can serve multiple purposes. Make sure they’re of good, long-lasting quality. Or instead of buying new outfits, you can opt for accessories. Something as small as a scarf, belt, bag, or hat can totally transform a look and make it something new. Furthermore, a bunch of accessories tend to be a lot more affordable than one complete outfit. To balance your expenses, you can get rid of old clothes by selling them to resale shops or online.

4. Play games responsibly – Contrary to popular notion, video games are not a complete waste of time. They’re a great leisure activity and can help boost your mood. Some of the most fun games can cost a bit but that shouldn’t stop you from playing, as long as you do so responsibly. In fact, there are some games that give back to players. CasinoSource lists down a few sites that reward bonuses to those who complete certain tasks, like signing up or returning several times. This way, you can get more than what you asked for. If you want to earn extra dollars, you can look up certain game platforms that reward you points for playing games. These points can then be converted to gift cards for any partner retail store or restaurant.

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