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Make Money Selling on eBay (A Roundup)

Selling on eBay has been hyped as a way to make money since almost the beginning of the internet. Ok, maybe not that long, but it has been popular as a way to make money online for a very very long time in internet years. Even though eBay has been around for a long time people are still looking for information about how to sell on eBay.

I am definitely not an expert on using eBay to make money, although I have used them in the past for small sales such as video games, dvd’s and books. To get a good idea of how to really use eBay for profit we need to turn to the experts. So rather than give you my tired hashed over idea of how you can make money using eBay I am going to just send you right to the source to learn how to sell on eBay.

The first place you want to stop is eBay’s own guide to getting started. This will give you everything you need to register, set up an eBay seller account, researching price points and dealing with buyers. For more basic tips you can take a look at this article from JD at GetRichSlowly. It is somewhat dated (2006), but still relevant.

Once you have the basics under your belt you may want to expand your knowledge and eBay actually offers classes in the eBay University. Topics covered include:

  • Selling Basics for the new seller
  • Building your Business on eBay for the more experienced seller
  • eBay Stores

To get some ideas about what you are going to sell head over to this article from Flexo at Consumerism Commentary.

And for a complete look at the process of selling on eBay, including interviews with staff members and power sellers check out this guide from Ramit at I Will Teach You to Be Rich. Complete with a case study and podcast for those who are tired of reading 🙂

And possibly the best resource of all for prospective eBay sellers is this blog from Skip McGrath, a long time eBay power seller who shares tips and tricks for your eBay business as well as some tidbits about selling on Amazon and using Facebook to increase your profits.

And because it is always a good idea to diversify here is a list of 17 other auction sites to use in addition to your eBay business.

And there you go. The articles above will give you more than enough information to get started learning how to sell on eBay and start creating your own online business selling whatever you like from the comfort of your own home. eBay wasn’t for me, but some people love the thrill and challenge of selling (and buying) on eBay. If running an online auction business or ecommerce store is appealing to you then these are the learning resources you will need to get started.

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