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It’s a beautiful sunny morning here in Thailand and we are off to…the doctor. Unfortunately I have developed some sort of rash all over my arms and legs and it itches like the dickens! So I am going to go take advantage of some of the inexpensive health care available here and hopefully get something to alleviate my discomfort. I’d post pictures, but I don’t want to skeeve all of you out.

Before I go though I wanted to take a moment to do a bit of a blog update.

I haven’t really been tracking all that much, but I can say that my Alexa rank has dropped from 1,154,272 on Feb 2nd when I joined the Yakezie challenge to 791,164 today. Nice drop there and I’m pretty encouraged. I know it will get harder to drop the lower my rank gets, but I am confident I will surpass the 200,000 mark before the end of the challenge.

There was also a PR update this week. Hope you all have nice shiny new PR to display. Unsurprisingly there was no change to my PR1 this round. Hopefully Google will stick to its quarterly updating routine and I’ll see an increased PR in May/June.

And finally thanks go out to Corey at 20’s Finances for including me in the Retirement section of the Carnival of Financial Planning – Personal Finance Edition #223 as well as to Christopher at This That and the MBA for including me in his personal recap of notable articles with my sudden emergency fund post.

That’s all for this week and I hope you all had a fulfilling and rewarding week. Spend the weekend enjoying your family and friends and let’s all come back refreshed and stronger on Monday!

–Steve (aka The Money Infant)

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